Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County Board of Commissioners Emergency Administrative Order


Emergency Administrative Order

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does self-isolation mean?
Self-isolation ensures that the maximum number of people self-isolate in their places of residence to the maximum extent feasible, while enabling essential services to continues while slowing the spread of COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible. People may leave their place of residence to obtain or perform vital services to otherwise facilitate authorized activities necessary for continuity of social and commercial life, but they should reasonably comply with Social Distancing Requirements as defined below at all time, if possible. Failure to comply with any of the provisions of this order constitutes an imminent threat to public health.

What is sheltering in place?
Sheltering in place requires that citizens remain within their place of residence except to leave their residences only for essential activities, essential governmental functions, or to operate essential businesses as defined in the order. People who are sick are urged to stay in their residence to the extent possible except as necessary to seek medical care.

What defines a Community Gathering?
A Community Gathering is defined as any public or private indoor or outdoor event, meeting, or convening of people, subject to the exceptions below, that brings together, or is likely to bring together, or solicits to bring together, ten (10) or more persons at the same time in a single room or other single confined or enclosed space, such as an auditorium, stadium (indoor or outdoor), tent, arena, event center, music venue, meeting hall, conference center, large cafeteria, or any other confined indoor and outdoor space.

A Community Gathering does not include the following or similar uses, so long as persons attending the same are generally not within six (6) feet of each other for extended periods: (1) governmental operations; (2) spaces where persons may be in transit or waiting for transit such as airports, bus stations, or terminals; (3) child-care or adult care facilities, residential buildings or any type of temporary sheltering or housing; (4) grocery stores or pharmacies; (5) hospital or medical facilities; (6) educational institutions engaged in medical, engineering, or other efforts by students or faculty to deal with the impact of COVID-19, (7) the performance of job duties by persons not exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or residing with any person exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, (8) manufacturers, distribution centers, food processors, flour mills, similar industrial facilities and any member of the Greater Rome Existing Industry Association provided that employees comply with the social distancing requirements as stated herein; (9) pastors who need access to church materials located at the church building and/or sanctuary and who hold online services as long as the social distancing requirements of ten (10) or less persons are followed: and (10) dry cleaners as long as social distancing requirements are met.

Are restaurants still able to provide services?
Restaurants shall close to the public except to provide take out, delivery, drive-through, or curbside service. Restaurants which are licensed under the Floyd County Code of Ordinance for the sale of malt beverages by the drink for consumption on premises may sell malt beverages in sealed containers by the package without obtaining any additional license. Restaurants which are licensed under the Floyd County Code of Ordinances for the sale of wine by the drink for consumption on premises may sell wine in sealed containers by the package without obtaining any additional license. Cafeterias in hospitals, nursing homes, higher education institutions, or similar facilities shall not be subject to the restrictions contained in this Section.

Are bars, taverns, or similar establishments open during this time?
Except for food service establishments licensed by the Department of Public Health, all business locations licensed under the Floyd County Code of Ordinances for the sale of alcoholic beverages for consumption on premises or for brown bagging for consumption on premises, such as bars, taverns, and similar establishments, shall be closed for business.

Are body care services open to the public during this time?
All establishments providing body care services which require physical contact between the provider and client, including, without limitation, barbering, hair design, cosmetology, aesthetics, massage therapy, tattooing, body waxing, tanning salons, or nail care shall be closed for business. This paragraph does not apply to any services performed by or under the direct supervision of a licensed medical doctor, nurse, dentist, physical therapist, chiropractor, or other healthcare professional.

What about local gyms and other indoor health facilities?
All indoor recreation facilities, including, without limitation, gyms, health studios, yoga, barre, spin, or other fitness classes, spas, saunas, indoor amusement facilities, arcades, bowling alleys, pool halls, movie theatres, playhouses, and concert venues, shall be closed for business.

What about other retail locations?
All other retail, commercial, or industrial establishments will be permitted to remain open subject to the following restrictions: (i) reasonable steps are taken to ensure that customers, employees, and other persons on the premises shall generally not be within six (6) feet of each other for longer than brief periods; and (ii) employees are not suffered or permitted to work if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or residing with anybody exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

All permits for special events, including park facility rentals, to be held on Floyd County property for the duration of this Order are hereby cancelled, and no new special event permits shall be authorized for the duration of this Order. Persons affected by this cancellation shall be entitled to a refund of any permit or rental fees paid. All Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation playgrounds and indoor facilities shall be closed.

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