Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Questions about 911


When to call 911?

If you need response from police, fire or emergency medical services you should call 911.

When not to call 911?

If your utilities are out you should contact the service provider. 

If you have questions about inclement weather, road conditions or school closings, you should tune to local media. 

The Code Red app is also an invaluable resource during times of inclement weather. 

What will 911 need to know when I call?

The location of the emergency

The phone number that you are calling from

The nature of the emergency

Your name

Any other descriptions that might help emergency responders locate persons and vehicles or get directions to the emergency.

Call taking and computer aided dispatch, how does it work?

911 Emd When a call is received by Floyd E-911, a communications operator answers the line and becomes the point of contact for assistance. 

There will be several questions, but the first will be "what is the location of your emergency?"

The same communications operator is working a live radio while simultaneously taking the call for assistance. 

Answers to questions are being updated in a call that all operators can view as a live feed. 

While that phone call for assistance is in progress, another operator is dispatching emergency services to the incident location. The incident address is verified verbally by the operator but also by GPS services of E-911.