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Adopting a Pet

Dog Owner And Puppies

More people are welcoming pets into their lives because of the many benefits dogs and cats bring to their caregivers. Studies have shown that people with pets are generally healthier and happier.

PAWS is sheltering many furry friends that deserve a second chance at a good life. Visit us today and find your new best friend!

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Our adoptable pets change weekly due to our many new arrivals. Be sure to check back frequently if you don’t see the pet you’re looking for. For our hours and other information, click here.

What are the requirements for adopting a pet?

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  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You cannot have any Animal Control violation citations within the past two years.
  3. You must agree to fill out a short questionnaire.
  4. You must sign an agreement to have the adopted animal sterilized and vaccinated within a set time period.
  5. If you rent or lease, you must provide written proof from your landlord granting permission for you to possess an animal on the property.
  6. You must pay the adoption fee of $40/dog or $35/cat (we accept cash, check, debit, Visa and MasterCard).

I can’t adopt a pet right now, but I’d love to help.

Kuranda Dog Bed

A great way to help your local shelter is by donating a Kuranda Bed. These beds are practically indestructible and provide orthopedic support for the animal, allowing them to rest comfortably as they wait to find their forever homes. Click here for more information.