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How to Vote Absentee - Georgia Voter Information Guide

In Person

An elector may cast an absentee ballot in-person at the registrar's office during the period of Monday through Friday 21 days immediately preceding the date of the primary, election, run-off primary or run-off election, or special election without having to provide a reason. A voter will be required to fill out an application for casting an in-person absentee ballot located here:In-person Application For Official Absentee Ballot.  

Absentee In-Person Dates, Times and Locations
Dates Times Days Location
Garden Lakes Baptist Church
NONE City of Rome Civic Center
NONE City of Rome Civic Center
July 20, 2020 thru August 7,2020
August 1, 2020
8 am till 5 pm
9 Pm till 4pm
M, Tu, Wed, Th, Fri
Floyd County Admin Bldg
12 E. 4th Ave
Rome, Ga. 30161

By Mail

An elector may request an absentee ballot by mail and will not be required to provide a reason for requesting the absentee ballot. The application may be used for Democratic, Non-Partisan, and Republican primary/run-off elections. This application may also be used for all general/run-off elections and city and school elections in 2020. Mailed-in Application For Official Absentee Ballot. 

If you are unable to print out the Application For Official Absentee Ballot, you may also fill out the online form to request that an Application For Official Absentee Ballot be mailed to you if you are unable to print a Mailed-in Application For Official Absentee Ballot above. Again, the following link is to be used only for requesting to have an application for an absentee ballot to be mailed to you not the actual ballot. 

1. Fill out the application completely.

2. Sign the application.

Your signed and scanned Mailed-in Application For Official Absentee Ballot may be emailed to This will allow an absentee ballot to be mailed to you.

Your signed Application for Official Absentee Ballot request may be mailed:
Floyd County Elections and Registration
12 East 4th Avenue, Suite 20
Rome, GA 30161

Your application will be reviewed and upon approval, an absentee ballot will be mailed to your address.

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