Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Divisions of FCPD

Uniformed Patrol Division

FCPD carPatrol officers are the most visible unit of the Floyd County Police Department. Our officers work three 10-hour shifts and are responsible for answering 911 calls from the public in the unincorporated area of Floyd County. 

Officers are responsible for answering calls for service from 911, investigation of crimes and any reports of suspicious activity. Officers also respond to motor vehicle crashes and conduct traffic enforcement on all roads within the county. FCPD patrol officers conduct road checks, drug investigations and frequently interact with the public to ensure safety in our neighborhoods.

Specialized units within patrol division include Selective Enforcement, school resource officers and K9 officers.

  • The selective enforcement unit is solely responsible for traffic enforcement, reducing traffic crashes in the community and keeping motorists safe while traveling in Floyd County. The SEU unit also conducts community events and responds to requests by the community to talk with senior groups, tours and neighborhood events.
  • School resource officers are stationed within each district created by the Floyd County School system, including: Armuchee, Coosa, Model and Pepperell. These officers manage all law enforcement matters that occur with students during the school year and are the first line of defense in matters of security. SRO duties also include security at after school functions.
  • FCPD has two K9 officers: K9 Blaze is a German Shorthair Pointer trained detection of explosives. She responds to local needs as well as assisting Georgia Emergency Management Agency with major events across the state. K9 Lex is a Belgian Malinois trained in narcotic detection but also has ability to track, apprehend and search for articles related to police investigations.

FCPD K9            FCPD K9

K9 Blaze with Sgt. Matt Henry               K9 Lex with Lt. Shea Hovers

Investigative Division

The investigative division serves multiple purposes, but is primarily tasked with general detective duties that include self initiated activity and follow up of reports written by patrol from calls to 911. Investigators work all major crimes that include felonies and aggravated misdemeanors. Two officers are assigned to investigate crimes against children, which will sometime partner us with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to assist with prosecution of internet child predators.

Our investigators are members of the Child Abduction Response Team , which is a network of local agencies who come together in times of child abduction to more effectively locate missing children.

The investigative division is responsible for crime scene processing, marijuana examination and polygraph examination. Our agency utilizes the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab, but locally we host a finger print expert who also teaches at the state's training center.

Bomb Squad

The Floyd County Bomb Squad is a multi-agency unit consisting of officers from FCPD, Rome Police Department and Floyd County Sheriff's Office. The unit is responsible for responding to calls of suspicious packages and explosives throughout Northwest Georgia.

All bomb technicians receive certification from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Hazardous Devices School.

Drug Taskforce

The FCPD is a member of a multi-agency task force comprised of officers from Rome Police Department and Floyd Sheriff's Office. Investigators in this unit are veteran officers assigned to clandestine investigations that include drugs, illegal gambling and other illicit activity. Investigators conduct surveillance and utilize undercover operations for prosecution of illegal acts.

Special Weapons and Tactics

SWAT FCPDThe SWAT team is a multi-agency unit consisting of officers from FCPD, Rome Police Department and Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. The primary objective of the team is to resolve all incidents without injury or loss of life. To accomplish this the team is well trained and skilled in the latest tactics and strategies to combat possible threats to our community.

SWAT situations are those events which by their nature are more dangerous or hazardous to officers than the majority of calls for police action and which may constitute or contribute to grave peril to members of the community at large.

These situations include, but are not limited to: hostage situations, barricaded subjects, sniper situations, search and arrest warrants, VIP protection and mutual aid requests from other agencies.