Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Facilities Management

Mission Statement

It is our mission to protect Floyd County’s built assets and to provide a safe environment for employees and the general public.

The Floyd County Facilities Management budget provides for basic building structures maintenance, utility systems, and the equipment that is built into the facility. Our Facilities Management staff routinely performs building and equipment maintenance, utility system maintenance, custodial services, building climate control, and etc. Floyd County’s Facilities Management is directed toward the pursuit of sustainability in the maintenance and operation of all our facilities.

Employee List

Ricky Davis – Custodial Supervisor
Marc Duncan – Carpentry
William Fletcher – HVAC Technician
Derek Hall – Electrician and Telephone Services
Ryan Davis – Facilities Manager
Charles Jones – Paint, Exterior/Interior Design
Blake Oyler – HVAC Technician
Darrel Silvers – Plumbing Technician
Bill McCord - Plumbing/General Maintenance
James Osborn - General Maintenance
Gary Davis - Custodial