Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Floyd County Engineering

A department within Floyd County Public Works, the Engineering department provides development services that include development plans and plat reviews, project coordination and management, construction inspection, and address and driveway permitting. Additionally, the Engineering Department provides engineering support for multiple departments within Floyd County to include engineering design, studies and surveying.

Commercial Development

Commercial development plans prepared by a professional engineer, must be submitted to the Rome-Floyd County Building Inspection Department. Six (6) sets of plans and specifications are required for submittal. From there, various portions of the plans will be routed to other city/county departments for further review.

The Floyd County Engineering Department is responsible for reviewing the Stormwater Management Plan and report for compliance with the most current edition of The Unified Land Development Code (ULDC) of Floyd County and The City of Rome. All requirements and codes for Stormwater Management Plans and reports are outlined in the ULDC.

Approval of Commercial Stormwater Management Plans and reports by The Floyd County Engineering Department shall not imply or transfer acceptance of responsibility for the application of the principals of engineering from the professional, corporation, or individual under whose hand or supervision the plans were prepared.


Mike Rhinehart - (706) 378-2004
Matt Cordle - (706) 291-5114

Address Assignments

A new or verification of an existing address is required for all building permits in Floyd County. Applications for address assignments are available in the Floyd County Engineering Department and must be completed prior to an address being issued. When an application is received, department staff will process the application and issue an address as soon as possible. Applications are processed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Currently, there are no fees associated with this permit.

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Driveway Permits

Floyd County requires that all new driveway connections to a county roadway be permitted prior to issuing a building permit. The permit insures that driveways are constructed according to county code, to include proper installation of driveway pipes as required. Additionally, all existing driveways being utilized for projects requiring building permits must meet current standards or be improved per current code. Applications for driveway permits are available in the Floyd County Engineering Department and must be completed and approved prior to construction activities. Department staff will conduct site visits prior to issuing a driveway permit to determine proper driveway location and pipe size. Driveways will be inspected after construction and must be approved prior to the county issuing a certification of occupancy for the project. Currently, there are no fees associated with this permit.

Survey Approvals

Surveys for the subdivision of land other than for subdivision developments must be submitted to the Floyd County Engineering Department for approval. For the subdivision of land into four (4) total lots or less, approval can be given in the office. For the subdivision of land into more than four (4) lots, surveys will be forwarded to the Rome-Floyd County Planning Commission for approval at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Plats must be received by the first business day of each month to be presented at the following month's planning commission meeting, which is the first Thursday of each month. The ULDC outlines all the requirements for surveys in Floyd County.

Pavement Cut Permit

All street cuts within Floyd County public rights-of-way must be reviewed and approved by the Floyd County Engineering Department. Permit applications for pavement cuts are available in the Floyd County Engineering Department. Engineering drawings outlining proposed construction must be attached to the application. A road cut and repair detail is included with the permit application. All work will be inspected by the Engineering Department. Whenever possible, pavement cuts should be avoided. Utility crossings across major roadways, as identified by Floyd County, must be bored, subject to local and state approval. Currently, there are no fees associated with this permit.

Details & Standards

GDOT Standards and details must be used for all other construction practices and structures.

Sanitary Sewer Services

The cities of Rome and Cave Spring provide wastewater services within their respective incorporated areas. Floyd County does not provide sewer services in the unincorporated area, but has granted the City of Rome with an exclusive franchise for serving the unincorporated areas with conditions relative to annexation. 

Therefore, sewer is provided to certain parts of the unincorporated area by the City of Rome.  Click here for  Sewer Services Map .  For any questions regarding sewer services, please call the City of Rome Water and Sewer Department at 706.236.4560.