Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA


Rome-Floyd Development Authority

History and Purpose

In 1962 the Georgia General Assembly amended the Georgia Constitution to create the Rome-Floyd County Development Authority ("Development Authority"). The Development Authority is composed of seven members including the Mayor of Rome, the chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Floyd County, the chairman of the Rome-Floyd Chamber of Commerce, and the chairman of the Greater Rome Existing Industrial Association of the Chamber of Commerce. Since its inception, the Rome-Floyd County Development Authority(RFCDA) has vigorously sought to achieve its primary goal of assisting, promoting, establishing, and developing new industries and to expand existing industry, agriculture, trade and commerce within Floyd County.


The RFCDA meets the third Tuesday of each month generally at the Greater Rome Chamber of Commerce. The Authority meets to assist and promote economic growth in Floyd County and considers any new economic prospect, and examines the marketing prospects and progress of the industrial sites. The Authority offers industrial revenue bond financing for qualifying businesses.