Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

City of Rome

Non Emergency Online Incident Reporting

COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways. We want everyone to stay safe during these trying times and follow CDC guidelines for safety. Please remember to observe Social Distancing and stay at least 6 feet apart from others. 

Rome Police Department is striving to reduce person-to-person exposure by enabling citizens to report non-emergency Incident Reports online.

Please make sure that you DO NOT  need an officer or medical personnel to respond!!

We have included a checklist to help you determine if this site can assist you. Please call 911 for all other incidents.

(1) The incident occurred inside the City Limits of Rome, Georgia.

(2) Your incident considered non-emergency for reporting.

(3) There were no physical injuries involved.

(4) No physical evidence needs to be recovered from the incident.

(5) The incident involves Theft by Taking and the value is $1,500.00 or less.

(6) The incident involves Damage to Property and the value is $500.00 or less.

(7) The incident involves Lost Property. 

(8) Vehicle Accident Reporting IS NOT  available on this site.

Click on the link below to file a NON-Emergency incident Report online. Please read the FAQ section on the left side of the screen for instructions.

Click Here to Start Your NON EMERGENCY Incident Report