Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Rome Police Department - Training

City of Rome maintains a strong commitment to providing quality training to our personnel. In order to meet that commitment, we have dedicated training facility that is equipped with an indoor and outdoor firing range. The training facility consists of two large classrooms that are both equipped with digital projectors and training equipment. The training division has also acquired another off-site facility in the city for force on force and de-escalation training for real-world scenario development.

The staff teaches various training to all personnel to ensure the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council and the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement requirements are met. The staff also teaches additional courses above and beyond these standards to ensure officers are well equipped in the field. The training center is also utilized by other local, state and federal agencies.

Several programs are administered by the training division staff throughout the year and include:

  • R.I.S.E (Responsibility Increases Student Excellence) – This program is taught in eight elementary schools in the city and reaches over 600 students every calendar year.
  • Women’s Firearm Safety Class – A basic handgun safety class that is taught over a nine hour program which includes live firing on the indoor range. 
  • Citizen’s Police Academy – A short program offered to citizens that give them a glimpse at law enforcement duties at the Rome Police Department.
  • Crime Prevention – The training staff works closely with private businesses, schools, churches, and neighborhoods to provide training and education on crime prevention and safety awareness.

Training Simulator