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On October 1, 1961, Rome established a department with the City of Rome to take over the bus operations from the Georgia Power Company. The Georgia Power Company gave the City or Rome all of its buses, plus any spare parts and equipment that they had on hand. Additionally, Georgia Power paid the City of Rome $300,000. The City of Rome agreed to use the money specifically for the transportation system. 

Today, the City of Rome Transit Department provides Public Transportation within the City limits of Rome, Georgia. The services that we provide are Fixed Route Services, which include Main Line and Tripper Services, and Para-Transit Services. We operate Monday through Friday, and we do not operate on the weekends. 

Transit Development Plan - View this link for information about this project and how you can participate.

Our Services

  • Fixed Route Main Line  & Tripper Services - Provides services from 5:40 AM to 6:30 PM on a one hour headway
  • Tripper Services- Operate during AM & PM Peak hours, and is open door to the public allowing connectivity to our Fixed Route Main Line System
  • Para-Transit Service - This is a Curb to Curb service for the Disabled and Elderly. This service requires submission of a Para-Transit  application and approval. Applications may also be picked up at the City of Rome Transit Department Administrative Office. This service operates up to 3/4 of a mile of our Fixed Route Services with the same operating hours as listed above.


For hearing impaired/TTY Customers Call: Georgia Relay Service 1-800-255-0056.  For hearing Customers call: 1-800-255-0135.

Para clientes con problemas de audición / TTY, llame al Servicio de retransmisión de Georgia al 1-800-255-0056.  Los clientes que no tienen problemas de audición, llame al: 1-800-255-0135.

Paratranst Guide and Application No Show Revision May 10, 2019

Main Line Route Map

Main Line Transit Guide

AM Tripper Guide  2019 - 20

1A & 1B AM 2019-20   2A & 2B AM 2019-20   3A & 3B AM 2019-20

4A & 4B  4C AM 2019-20   5A& 5B AM 2019-20  6A & 6B AM 2019-20  

7A, 7B, 7C AM 2019-20     8A & 8B AM 2019-20   9A & 9B AM 2019-20   

10A & 10B AM 2019-20   11A & 11B AM 2019-20   12A, 12B  AM 2019-20

13A & 13B AM 2019-20   14A &14B AM 2019-20  15A & 15B AM 2019-20    

16A & 16B AM 2019-20    17A & 17B AM19-20     18A & 18B AM 2019-20  

19A, 19B & 19C AM 2019-20   20A & 20B AM 2019-20   21A and 21B AM 2019-20     

22A, 22B, 22C AM 2019-20   24 A & 24B AM 2019-20    

25A & 25B AM 2019-20   26A & 26B AM 2019-20

PM Tripper Guide 2019 - 20

1A & 1B PM 2019-20     2A & 2B PM 2019-20     3A & 3B PM 2019-20  

4A & 4B PM 2019-20     6A & 6B PM 2019-20     7A, 7B, 7C PM 2019-20

8A & 8B PM 2019-20      9A & 9B PM 2019-20     10A & 10B PM 2019-20

11A & 11B PM 2019-20   12A, 12B & 12C PM 2019-20

13A & 13B PM 2019-20  14A &14B PM 2019-20   15A & 15B PM 2019-20

16A & 16B PM 2019-20    17A & 17B PM19-20   18A & 18B PM 2019-20 

19A,19B & 19C PM 2019-20   20A & 20B PM 2019-20 

21A and 21B PM 2019-20 22A, 22B, 22C PM 2019-20

24 A & 24B PM 2019-20      25A & 25B PM 2019-20    26A & 26B PM 2019-20

Tripper Web Application

The Tripper Web Application displays routes, stop times, schools, and school districts. It is accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The following links allow you to access the application, watch a video tutorial, and download the application to a smart device by scanning a QR code.

Click the bus icon below to access the Tripper Web Application.

Tripper Icon

Download the Tripper Web Application to your smart device home screen by scanning the QR code below.

  1. Scan the code below with your camera.
  2. Select the option that appears on your screen (Open "").
  3. Select the "Airdrop" icon.
  4. Scroll to "Add to home screen" and select.

Tripper App Code


Regular Full Fare              $ 1.25
Senior & Disabled Fare    $   .60
Students/Tripper Fare       $  .60
Transfers                           FREE
Children Under 5              FREE
(Must be accompanied by
a paying adult)

Paratransit Fare  $     2.25
50-Ride Card     $ 107.50
10-Ride Card     $   22.00

Fare Cards for Fixed Route Services
50-Ride Regular Fare Card            $   45.00
10-Ride Regular Fare Card            $     9.00
50-Ride Senior - Disabled Card     $   22.50
10-Ride Senior - Disabled Card     $     4.50

*Exact Change Only

Kathy Shealy , Director

168 North Avenue
PO Box 1433
Rome, GA 30162


Monday - Friday
5:40AM to 6:30PM
Closings: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday,
Memorial Day
(only if school is not in operation),
July 4th, Labor Day,
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Title VI  Plan 

Title VI Notice and Complaint Form (English & Spanish)