Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA

Floyd County

Victim Witness Assistance Program - Victim Rights & Responsibilities

Crime Victims Bill of Rights - OCGA ยง17-17-1

If you fill out Victim Witness Notification, in writing, you will and have the right to be notified of:

  • Arrest of the accused, release from custody and/or re-arrest of the accused
  • Availability of compensation for victims of violent crime and Restitution
  • Notice of any Court proceedings during prosecution of the case
  • Motions for new trial or appeal dates, after conviction, if any 
  • Parole or change in status of Defendant, if requested in writing to the Department of Corrections

You have the right to

Your responsibility

In order for you to be notified of various proceedings, you must provide the police with your correct mailing address, home and work telephone numbers during the date of the incident. The Officer will provide you with a Victim Notification Supplemental Report to sign to give you the option to be contacted by our office and the Jail regarding the case and your rights as a crime victim.

If your phone number changes from the number you first gave to Police, you must notify both the Floyd County Jail ( (706) 291-4111, ext. 3) and the Victim Witness office at ( (706) 291-5210) so if there is an arrest, you can be informed of criminal proceedings and the Defendant's release from jail. If you have a cell phone or email address, please let the Victim Witness office know since these contacts can be used at a later date for our office to get in touch with you.

Please remember to keep the District Attorney's Office updated on all your contact information, including any changes in your address or telephone numbers. This should be done in person at the District Attorney's office with a photo ID.

If the Defendant is convicted and sent to prison and you wish to be notified of parole information or you want to express your opinions prior to a parole decision, you must complete Notification with our office or directly with the Department of Corrections, Pardons/Paroles, Victim Services. Please go to their website for more information: Otherwise, someone in Victim Witness can assist you in filling out or completing these forms for you.

National Crime Victims Rights Week

America has joined together annually each April since 1981 to recognize the needs and rights of victims and survivors during National Crime Victims Rights week. America has demonstrated its caring and compassion for victims of crime, from individuals who provide support to a victim in need, to community collaborations that result in comprehensive services for victims of violence against men, women, and children, to our entire nation's response to the victims of the terrorist attacks on Oklahoma City and on September 11, 2001.

By being united against crime and for victims' rights and services, we gain strength as individuals, as communities, and as a nation as a whole, and offer strength to victims who seek to recover in the aftermath of crime. We must remain united in our commitment to ensure that all crime victims and survivors are treated with compassion and respect, recognized as key participants within our system of justice and afforded services that provide help and hope to them.

For more information on the National Crime Victims Rights Week, please visit their website.