Governments of Floyd County and City of Rome, GA


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Deadline 05/24/2012 07:39 PM
Published 05/11/2011
Government Floyd County
Type Quote
Category Other

About this opportunity

Floyd County Emergency Management is requesting quotes for a consultant to prepare a detailed plan for leasing communication assets which is crucial to ensure current tenants and new applicants are afforded the protection necessary to provide communication commitments to their customers. Likewise, a solid plan for managing communication assets protects the county’s investment and mitigates the possibility of landlord tenant issues. Floyd County desires the development of a Communication Asset Lease Plan that addresses all aspects of Floyd County leasing options. The plan should include the intent of Floyd County to rent and protect certain space and technology. It should also identify a step-by-step application process, fee schedule and areas for mitigating pitfalls such as tower structural integrity, intermodulation, interference and the ability for the County as the landlord to make adjustments to existing tenants to maximize future rental space. As technology advances, a solid plan is essential to maintaining communication capability for the tenants while maximizing the county’s ability to lease space.